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America, Land That I Love, Stand Beside Me

Here I am, Flag High-Peace Sign- hot on the tail of Mayor Ash and my council- Mary Mortier and City Manager- Joe Slocum- the City Wall Hall slaughtering my neighborhood. For a mile they were just a bit coward with fearless me flying in the high of freedom. It was grand! 5/2013

Please leave a comment for any postings that  may have legal issues. I am just an ignorant, poverty stricken mom posting corruption, abuse and awareness. The corrupt take offense and have the defense to mash me like a potato. Like nature, I eventually spud again. Or not. Potato, pototah, I try.

10/31/14- Real time blog is at Halloween!!

11/22/13 See for Belfast Chamber of Commerce slapping residents.
10/18/13 See for streamlined version of original (overwhelming) 10/26/13 See for the illegal legals- ASK'M (Aho, Slocum, Kelly, Marshall)

10/22/13 See below 10/18 post  for Maine Freedom of Information Request to Beflast City Manager- Joe Slocum. Included Brenda Kielty- Attorney General Rep for MFOIA, Bob Whiteley- Belfast Assessor, Mary Mortier- Belfast City Council Ward 1.


The request below is on a new separate blog and proves violations with past emails
requesting same and City Council Meeting 9/18/12 with signed certified registered receipt

10/22/13 POSTED BY: LAURIE LEE ALLEN Oct 22, 2013 07:53
Belfast Residents FYI- This Affects All- Will Post Joe Slocum's Response
Sent:Mon 10/21/13 11:24 PM (; (; (; (; LAURIE ALLEN (
Joe Slocum,
Please have copies of these documents for me and have the map available for viewing. Bob Whiteley must be present to validate documents. No one else is knowledgeable and trust worthy. The City Attorney has more or less written that I am too ignorant to know the seal of the final approved site plans. Wayne has removed documents, you have with held documents- including the 1987 engineer report on my property and the original plans to the development of Seaview Terrace and on the email below, are clearly lying to me on several points- most disgusting is your insistence that my man made drainage ditch for MY property only is a natural stream, natural outlet and according to ordinance you are sending all this runoff from outside Seaview and inside Seaview to my private property. You, Wayne and Todd are not valid people. Jamie is biased. Bob is the only one- he is independent.
1. All documents and results of offsite drainage study to the unnamed stream's watershed ( in your email you clearly state that my property acts as the watershed- it must be included in the overall. If the study has not been completed- it is violating compliance of site plan- advise of penalties and resolution..
2. Final Approved Site plans for CASS where the Robertson School was NOT demolished. Every document I reviewed had this school demolished-" The project also involves demolition of the existing Robertson Elementary School and the conversion of this former school site to an athletic field...." Certainly this is a huge change in the approved plans- ground absorbing athletic field to impervious ground. These plans will also show the detention pond and the unapproved outfall being sent to watershed residents. I had visited prior and were shown plans where the school was demolished. They must be final approved- Bob will verify. Wayne has provided false plans 2 times and no one reliable or knowledgeable to witness.

3. The letter from the licensed engineer or the report from the City engineer for the construction of stormwater improvements. "Provide the City a letter from a licensed civil engineer certifying that the stormwater improvements were constructed in accordance with all City specifications and in accordance with Site Plan requirements; or b) Pay the City the cost to employ a City inspector to inspect construction of the stormwater improvements."

4. Zoning Conditions of Approval for plowed snow removal- per Chief McFadden on:
CASS and Sweetser Schools
WCGH Annex
MidCoast Mental Health
Tall Pines Nursing Home
Volunteers of America on Congress
Belfast Birches
Hilltop Birches
Legore Subdivision (Birch St)
National Guard Rte 1 So
MMP Rte 1 So
Larabees Plumbing and entire business park including airport
Prays Homes Rte 1 So
Mcleod's Trailer Park on Lower Congress

5. The Aerial Photographs clearly showing the stream before Seaview Terrace was built. "3. I have now seen aerial  photographs of your area before the road and houses were built on your street and the stream is clearly visible. I can show them to you at any time.
Bob will know these photo's.  I have viewed some others in his office with Nancy

6. Seaview Terrace is not a natural outlet- City Hall is breaking the law and endangering our lives. Please advise if you are making any resolutions to save Seaview Terrace and restore properties.

7. Reassessment of 17 Seaview Terrace is requested ASAP. Please advise.

Laurie Allen

Please use this information to fulfill requests( 2 documents that were not in the CASS file for my inspection but were in there when I came back for a 2nd viewing unannounced and luckily Wayne was not there.) I have copies of the full documents and the originals are in the files.
A. Per WBRC Architects Engineers letter dated 11/7/2002 to Mike Morse, MDEP Project Manager
RE: 2941.10/Belfast Community Elementary School
L-21070-22-A-N Response to comments
#6 Two Steps have been taken to address comment 6. First, the City of Belfast had assessed a stormwater impact fee to new developments within the unnamed stream's watershed to assist in funding an offsite drainage study.The Belfast Elementary School watershed will be included in the offsite drainage study of the overall unnamed stream's watershed will be included in the offsite drainage study of the overall unnamed stream's watershed, which drains through the "24" culvert beneath Congress St., east of Priscilla Lane.
B. Per :Belfast Community Elementary School Site Plan & Use Permit
Adopted Conditions of Approval
Final Approval of November 20,2002 &
Amendment #1 to Approval of January 15,2003
Amendment #2 to Approval of April 9, 2003
1. Description of Project: SAD#34, applicant proposes to construct the Belfast Community Elementary School, a school which can accommodate 340 students. The project also involves demolition of the existing Robertson Elementary School and the conversion of this former school site to an athletic field....
11. Storm water Management: The applicant shall construct all stormwater management improvements to specifications identified on the approved Site Plan prior to issuance of an occupancy permit. Futher the applicant shall maintain all stormwater facilities in good working condition.
11.1 The applicant shall either : a) Provide the City a letter from a licensed civil engineer certifying that the stormwater improvements were constructed in accordance with all City specifications and in accordance with Site Plan requirements; or b) Pay the City the cost to employ a City inspector to inspect construction of the stormwater improvements.
11.3 The applicant shall pay a stormwater impact fee of $5,000 to the City to better enable the City to conduct an analysis...
C.  Per Chief McFadden email below _the Zoning Conditions of Approval Document for removing plowed snow offsite - I did report CASS and ANNEX to Todd Rosenburg and sent the pictures proving they were not removing plowed snow (below).  I never received a response.  Please provide the Zoning Conditions of Approval Documents for each site below.
CASS and Sweetser Schools
WCGH Annex
MidCoast Mental Health
Tall Pines Nursing Home
Volunteers of America on Congress
Belfast Birches
Hilltop Birches
Legore Subdivision (Birch St)
National Guard Rte 1 So
MMP Rte 1 So
Larabees Plumbing and entire business park including airport
Prays Homes Rte 1 So
Mcleod's Trailer Park on Lower Congress

Michael McFadden <>
Jan 14

to me

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I did some research, first the Zoning Conditions of Approval document indicates that the CASS school is responsible for snow removal. Any potential violations of this document would be a zoning issue handled by the board or by the code enforcement office. We as Police would have no authority over this issue unless a state law or local ordinance was violated. There are no state laws or ordinances enforceable by the Police Department which would prohibit the school from removing snow from the parking lots or events/sporting fields in the manner in which they are currently doing it.
2013-03-20 spring2013vio
Mar 19, 2013
by laurie allen
3/20/13 Site Violations Not Removing Plowed Snow Offsite
D. Date: Thu, 11 Aug 2011 19:59:13 -0400
Subject: Re: FW: 17 seaview/city storm f/u
Ms. Allen,
I am taking your concern seriously but unfortunately it is not the only concern that I have to address right now. I am taking the liberty of sharing this email with Belfast City Council.
I spent over an hour at your house Tuesday and walked the stream and listened to every concern that you have raised. I see no sign of imminent danger to your property and as such I can not justify treating this matter as though it was an emergency and push my other responsibilities to the side. The stream itself is about 4 feet deep and about 8 feet wide and was essentially dry. It has the same shape and level of erosion along its banks at every point where I observed it. It is essentially dry and  I saw one - one inch puddle in a 100 foot walk that I took through it You identify no damage or threat to your house but you are very upset by the erosion in your back yard. I saw this erosion and while there is some there, the scale and scope of it  was far smaller then I imagined from reading your emails.
You have raise multiple concerns and it is very clear that you are extremely focused and upset by both the erosion situation itself as well as the treatment you feel that you have had at the hands of the City in responding to your concerns. Your letter today is indicative of your anxiety and expectation of immediate need for answers which is  not consistent with what I said to you on Tuesday.  I advised you that I was going to look into this and that it would take some time.  I told you that I would attempt to summarize your concerns in the next day or so. That is -I was going to make sure I had a complete list of your questions and concerns. I never said I would resolve all of your issues in a day and a half. I said I would get back to you and I am sorry if 48 hours is worse for you than 36 hours.
When I told you that I would get to the bottom of this and that I would be thorough-you asked me how far I had to go in terms of information gathering to get this resolved.  I said right there that I could not see anything-- based upon my visit  that day-- that suggested to me that the City had done anything to harm you in any way. I absolutely did see some erosion along the stream bed which in my personal opinion is the same condition I would see along any stream bed and which in my experience such erosion often happens if there is an unusually large storm or runoff like the ones we have had in the last several years. Secondly I told you that would have to go deep into City records to find whatever I could that would help bring all the truth to this issue that I could find. I said that no City record was a secret and I would try to find them and make them available to you. I also reiterated what you said Wayne had mentioned to you previously---  If you feel that the City has in any way caused you damage then please send me a letter or note identifying what you believe to be the extent of your damages and I will be pleased to promptly send your claim in to our insurance carrier who might also investigate this claim and provide their perspective.
Here is where I am on your issues:
1. The Culvert under the road which brings the stream from one side of the road was simply installed to allow the road to go over the stream.
2. I do not believe the City created this stream.  Before I left I suggested to you that it looked like a natural stream to me and the fact that DEP has jurisdiction -as you advised me -over this stream  means  to me that this is a natural stream.  Natural streams have flows that vary with the weather which based upon conditions can cause erosion. This is true of every river and stream I have ever seen.
3. I have now seen aerial  photographs of your area before the road and houses were built on your street and the stream is clearly visible. I can show them to you at any time.
4. I am working on getting you a copy of the framed map in the Planning Office that you have asked for which shows this and other protected streams. I may have to have it professionally reproduced  and I will do that at City expense and get it to you as soon as I reasonably can but that could take some time- I do not know at this point. In the meantime the copy we have is not going anywhere and I can give you access to it at any time until you get your own copy.
5. I have not had the chance to meet with Bob Richards on this matter from Public Works since I met you Tuesday to find out whatever he can tell us about culvert history etc. I will let you know everything I find out. This relates to your concern that the City has taken a series of actions which have unnaturally increased the flow in this stream that you believe is the reason you have some erosion. The stream is about 75 feet behind you house. The only indication of potential City contribution you showed me is a couple of culverts crossing underneath the road which would clearly carry some surface water from the south side to your north side and which if significant in volume would reach the stream by following what appear to me to be human made ditches that run along the westerly line of your property and to along another property uphill and west from you. I did step into the ditch along your property in my loafers and found no evidence of water or even mud in this ditch. I do think we have to ask ourselves where this surface water all went before there was a subdivision? My thinking is that it puddled where flat or ran downhill into the lowest point in this area which upon my inspection is this stream.
6. You told me that all the houses on your street have water issues, This tells me that the ground water is close to the surface so when it rains there is more surface water to address because less can be absorbed. I would expect both groundwater and surface water to work their way into this stream.
7. Regardless, I will inquire about any information the City has about letting people ditch or drain to the stream or of people just doing it themselves. When you told me that your house was nice and dry because you had a good drainage system and sump pump I assumed that since there are no storm drains on Seaview Terrace that your building and property drains also go into this same stream.
7. I do not know what all the rules are for private people sending their surface or ground water into natural streams but I do not think the City is responsible for what private people do. I do think the City has the right to maintain its road and to use its right of way to get water away from the road in order to protect it.
8. Where to from here? Speak with Bob Richards, identify any records we have that you want a copy of and get them to you. Identify anything I can which leads me to agree with your assessment. Presently I am unable to do this and if that is where my review concludes then I will not support the City doing remediation on any private property for harm or damage that we did not cause. I want to speak with the State DEP. They called me likely at your suggestion but I have not had a chance to speak with them yet. I welcome their inspection, input and perspective.
9. Seaview Terrace is a City road and I need to find out how wide our right of way is.The City does have the right to shed water away from its roads to protect them from the kind of damage we saw Tuesday. I may also call the City Attorney to secure his advice.
10.  I did not plan on taking any pictures of your stream or your erosion but I am thinking that now that would be a good idea so that we can have a good record of the extent of your concern. I will call and find out when there is a time that will work for you. I am not going to send Ned Lightner based upon what I saw with my own eyes and what a regular camera will readily confirm.
I understand that in not immediately agreeing with your concerns that this is causing you some distress. It may well be that given the intensity of your frustration and concern that I may not be able to meet your expectations.
If you need an answer today as to whether the City will pay or fix the erosion in the back of your yard then my answer would be "No" for all the reasons recited above. If you are willing to be a little more patient then I will continue to investigate for any City activity which makes us liable for you damage.
I will talk to Wayne Marshall about some site visit that he had previously scheduled and perhaps we can make that happen in the next few business days to clear up as much as we can. Next Wednesday I have to attend a family emergency in another state where I plan to stay for a week. After that I have a training conference when I get back. If we can't conclude this matter by Tuesday I will be unable to get back to it until the 29th.
Again I will leave it to you as to whether you wish to file a claim with our insurance company.
Thank you.
Joe Slocum

POSTED BY: LAURIE LEE ALLEN Oct 16, 2013 08:29

Public Corruption

The Costs of Public Corruption – And The Need for the Public to Fight Back
by Patrick Fitzgerald
U.S. Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois

...Corruption can also change the face of a community. Over and over, for several decades, some Chicago aldermen have given away public benefits, like zoning rights and city-owned land, to real estate developers who, in turn, have lined the aldermen’s pockets and campaign purses.
Undoubtedly the most harmful consequence of endemic public corruption in a community is the apathy that it engenders – the culture of acceptance. Over many years of seeing corruption in almost every facet of government, many residents of a community begin to simply accept corruption as the immutable status quo. They come to assume government is broken and ineffective and destined to function corruptly. The consequences of this culture of acceptance in a community are many. Some residents simply disengage from the political process and no longer trust their government to function well or in their interest. Other residents may come to believe they must engage in corruption in order to gain government benefits themselves. Still others will begin to look the other way when they witness corrupt transactions. And honest folks are discouraged from entering politics or suffer from the skepticism engendered by others’ misdeeds.
The culture of acceptance makes it very difficult to detect, investigate and prosecute corruption. Although there are a variety of federal statutes that we use to prosecute corruption, including fraud, bribery and extortion statutes, as well as RICO, prosecutions cannot be successful without truthful witnesses and willing cooperators. Because voluntary assistance from the public in corruption cases is often hard to come by, we use many investigative techniques that assist us in gathering evidence and requiring cooperation, such as the use of grand jury subpoenas, grants of immunity, consensual recordings, and wiretaps. Using a wide range of these tools to vigorously investigate corruption can lead to convictions of corrupt officials once thought to be above the law, which, more effectively than anything else, demonstrates that the public need not accept corruption. Successful prosecutions that show that no one is beyond the reach of corruption statutes serve to encourage, empower and mobilize members of the public to work to change the culture of acceptance. We are grateful in the Northern District of Illinois that juries time and time again have rejected the argument that corruption is acceptable because it is the “Chicago way.”
In addition to the need for effective prosecutions, federal prosecutors must engage in community outreach to ensure that all residents of a community know that they can have a voice in stopping corruption and that they need not accept corruption in any degree—at any level of government. In the Northern District of Illinois, we try to send the message as often as we can that community involvement is critical in rooting out corruption. We regularly communicate that residents must take an active role in their government so that it properly functions for them. We also emphasize that the vigorous efforts of law enforcement should not be used as a rationale for the community to stay silent. The public’s refusal to accept corruption is the first line of defense in the fight against it.
While corruption will never be eliminated from our communities, vigorous investigation and prosecution of corrupt officials can serve to reduce its harmful effects and, most importantly, greatly diminish the culture of acceptance.

10/19/13 Uneducated, unaware, it is epic in Belfast City Hall. Calculating, convincing, power control, heartless and dangerous when exposed. No doubt, facts and behaviors are here. Condescending ego is your first clue. I see 2 clue ego's in Planning, 1 Downstairs, 1 across the street and possibly 1 or 2 in City Council, probably a few in Planning Board/Zoning Board of Appeals

High toxicity leadership: Borderline personality disorder and the dysfunctional organization

Document Information:
Title:High toxicity leadership: Borderline personality disorder and the dysfunctional organization
Author(s):Alan Goldman, (Arizona State University, Glendale, Arizona, USA)
Citation:Alan Goldman, (2006) "High toxicity leadership: Borderline personality disorder and the dysfunctional organization", Journal of Managerial Psychology, Vol. 21 Iss: 8, pp.733 - 746
Article type:Research paper
DOI:10.1108/02683940610713262 (Permanent URL)
Publisher:Emerald Group Publishing Limited
Purpose – This paper aims to assess highly toxic personality disorders in leaders, implications for organizations, and methods for assessment and intervention.
Design/methodology/approach – Action research was used, including a thick description case study narrative and application of the DSM IV-TR.
Findings – Personality disorders are a source of a highly toxic and dysfunctional organizational behavior; borderline personality disorder in a leader may serve as a systemic contaminant for an organization.
Research limitations/implications – A qualitative, case study approach may not lend itself to replication or quantification; usage of the DSM IV-TR requires clinical training in counseling psychology; the growing incidence of personality disorders in leadership warrants cognizance, ability to assess, the creation of early detection systems and methods of intervention.
Practical implications – Through the narrative of a case study researchers and practitioners can obtain a glimpse into the day-to-day operations and nuances of a highly toxic leader and how it impacts an organization; interventions and solutions are provided.
Originality/value – This paper calls attention to highly toxic leadership and organizational dysfunction by investigating borderline personality disorder as a prototype.

You are invited to view Laurie Allen's photo album: Corrupt Dismissal Maine REC/DJ Brown Full Property Inspection
Corrupt Dismissal Maine REC/DJ Brown Full Property Inspection
17 seaview terrace belfast maine 04915 - 

Aug 2, 2013
by Laurie Allen
Proven without a doubt- intent non-disclousre to push sale. Other album on actual complaint filled with proof also, More with linked with City of Belfast- investigator did not want those documents. Failure to disclose stream/swale/ditch with unstabilized banks- raining that day too when inspection done- stream visible yet not reported.
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You are invited to view Laurie Allen's photo album: Real Estate Commission Investigation 42013
Real Estate Commission Investigation 42013
17 Seaview Terrace - 

Apr 24, 2013
by Laurie Allen
BHG Town & Country, Listing- Bill Ingersoll, Selling-Jan Andrews(retired) Owner- Earl Black unethical, proof of undisclosed nightmare stream,property inspection, disclosure, flood zone maps, my map, pics, estimates for 4/2011 spring wipe out, Puzz Caswell local realtor and previous owner of me home send lying email, DEP emails for information ignored, more on DEP and City Corruption at
m. Earl Black, Town & Country owner tries to buy my silence with 7k for sellin...
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8/17/13- This blog is a mess. Reorganizing- will take time. Transferring to 

8/11/13- New readers- scroll down for the in a nutshell summary. I post new  info first for the regulars. This one is scary. The actual article and comments can be found on

8/9/13 Belfast is being disgraced by Slugfest and Bullies on  Pass the budget, use the wisdom of former Superintendent, Bruce Mailloux for restructuring, offer new courses for students and adults to analyze failure and corruption of local education and local City Hall.  Education will stop the adult bullying and corruption. Empowering our children and selves to begin bringing back America. 

 Resident and Ethical Planning Board Member does simple math 30% less students = 30% less teachers on 8/4/13 Belfast Planning Corruption update at

‘F’ in national study means Maine ‘ripe’ for corruption

The study “does not rely on a simple tally of scandals. Rather, it measures the strength of laws and practices that encourage openness and deter corruption. … States with well-known scandals often have the tough laws and enforcement that bring them to light. ‘Quiet’ states may be at a higher risk, with few means to surface corrupt practices.”
Maine got an F in nine of the 14 categories, including executive accountability. A problem that contributed to that score was that fact that no agency oversees the ethics of top-level state officials, from the governor to department heads, from the attorney general to the state auditor.
It also got F’s in public access to information, civil service management, pension fund management, the insurance commission, legislative accountability, lobbying disclosure, ethics enforcement and redistricting.

Maybe if I wore this???

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