4/23/12 Diane Allmayer Beck vs Wayne Marshall/ Annex

Picture with green drain pipe, is the stormwater path that Diane Allmayer Beck stood at and approved during the Planning Board Site Visit 6/2011, prompted because of my stormwater letter of concerns for resident input. This exit of stormwater into the stream is at 5 and 11 Seaview. Wayne Marshall and Mike Hogan did not comply with approved path and unethically and illegally have made their own unapproved plans. The approved path seen here is almost dry after 2 inches of rainfall on 4/23/12 @ 1pm.

This picture, with the yellow tape tied to a tree, is where the stormwater is pouring into stream from the Annex on 4/23/12 @ 1 pm. This is at 17 (my property) and 11 Seaview, unapproved and undisclosed- hidden from the Planning Board.

Joe Slocum said appeals was over one month after site visit (in 6/11- construction didn't even begin until 12/11)

At the street meeting for flooding of Seaview in 8/2011 I previously requested the specific plans for the stormwater draining of the annex. The plans Mike Hogan sent me did not reflect any specifics on stormwater paths. I spoke with him at the meeting, laid out the plans and visually showed him the site of exit when we were in the back yards of 11 and 5 Seaview. He confirmed that it would be draining there as approved.

One month later, I saw this hidden, undisclosed, unapproved stormwater path draining from the Annex to my property. Gary Haslam- WCGH, Project Manager, Mike Hogan- Architect for Annex, and Wayne Marshall- City Planner, have not complied to the site visit approvals and are refusing to admit and fix.

Wayne Marshall is full steam ahead in this corruption, telling me to go to the Zoning Board and start with paying $250 to appeal (another resident was set up by Wayne, shat Wayne did to them was illegal but after 10 thousand dollars in fighting him, they are broke and trying to sell their home. That was our tax dollars used for Wayne's defense with our City Attorney and employees.

I have asked over and over to have Diane Allmayer Beck confirm her approvals, no response. Wayne Marshall says it is not appropriate to involve Daine Allmayer Beck, THE CHAIRWOMAN OF THE PLANNING BOARD!!!

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