11/27/12 City Attorney Billy Kelly Unethical Intimidation Attempts

After 9 months of the City unsuccessfully trying to break me through numerous bullying intimidation tactics, they bring in the City Attorney, Billy Kelly at the 1/3/12 Council Meeting. He reveals yet another with held document of City flooding to Seaview Terrace. Prior, City Manager, Joe Slocum and City Planner, Wayne Marshall were finally exposed in lying. They were defiant, brash, condescending and arrogant in their conscience lie that the stream is natural, the City has done nothing to add to the stream, natural erosion, mother nature, the City has not assisted neighbors into draining into my private property and more. They are confident in their lies because they hold all the documents needed for proof. Hello 4 star alarm when Wayne Marshall stopped recording his "plans" in the Waldo County Deeded Registry, approx. 1999. Seems he has removed plans from the Registry as well. See email where he tells Jennika the 1975 Belfast/Hilltop Birches are missing- yes, one of sites also forcing stormwater to Seaview- perhaps even the origin of the slaughter. On a hunch, I hit City Wall Hall and Joe Slocum must have had an aneurism (he later tries to recant this corrupt with holding through messy City files but then contradicts that by stating he had been looking for that plans for some time. Never was I told this plan was in existence nor that it was "missing". In May 2010 I requested the full history and development of Seaview Terrace and my home. They couldn't bury it fast enough )when I found an employee viewing the original plan development plans of Seaview Terrace, dated 1965, recorded in the Registry of Deeds, unknown to me since it was removed. In plain view was proof that the City approved moving the stream  which would now be running under my home. They pushed it back approx. 70 ft, did not stabilize and just piled the boulders onto the opposing side beyond the banks. See my video- it is clear to see that it is man made and for 9 months they made my life hell in trying to shut me up and refuse accountability.
CA, Billy Kelly, runs from the 1/3/12 City Council meeting refusing to allow my questions. Council is quick to vote no action, gavel down, shut up Laurie. The document with held is a 1987 City Engineer report for my property at the persistence of Dr. Caswell, original owner. Way back then is when secret City storm water dumping to Seaview Terrace seriously  flooded properties and basements, which were previously dry since development, 1967. The Belfast Birches, Hilltop Birches were sending their water and surely from more secret sites. However the City hired Engineer only looked for cause specifically on the site of Seaview Terrace. Identical to looking for cause of a bee sting to your head on your head, ignoring the massive buzzing bee hive directly above. Adding to the stupidity is Billy Kelly's supporting of this 25 year old City biased report. I try to ask him how this is even relevant(aside from confirming the fact that the flooding games began prior 1987) considering all the additional developments sending their storm water to us after 1987....Tall Pines, Mid Coast Mental Health, Town Houses on Cedar St., Capt. Albert Stevens School, Volunteers of America, and only Marshall and Slocum know the rest- even forcing from across Rte 1 from the National Guard all the down and to who the hell knows how far back behind Prays Homes and back under Rte to our private property, and recent approvals to dump stormwater from the new WCGH Annex building right behind me, into my stream and lie about that too. All the while, City officials covering up, with holding, intimidating, and when unable to break me mentally, go for financial devastation with refusal to answer unless I hire an attorney to chase their bullyshit. I have volumes of  ignorance for anyone to see.  Shamefully, CA, Billy Kelly resorting to saying this is a sport for me, a domestic abuse survivor who crawled here with her children to begin again with peace and safety. Shamefully discounting me as a "credible" person in exposing City corruption. Shamefully pitting one neighbor whom the City illegally assisted in sending their stormwater to me( baiting the senior 80+ Bud Hand to come speak against me at a City Hall meeting- he a recipient of their help). Shamefully ignoring the  "credible"" residents who came out in force at the 8/2011 City Street "SHAM" Meeting against City flooding. Becky Gibbons, well known long time assistant to local attorney Lee Woodward. Her house is in most danger, almost having her home and car swept away in 2009, falling to the deaf ears of Wayne Marshall. Charles Beck,  MPBN, VP fellow flood neighbor. then superintendent of schools, Bruce Mailloux, brother and local attorney Randy Mailloux (they own? (LLC) the home on Seaview where their honest, concerned, gem of a Mom lives- Retired Teacher and close to mirror morals of Miss Daisy (Driving Ms Daisy). Luckily, she is not stream side. The Woffords- US Coastguard and Professional Photographer, The Costello's- Retired Professor and RN, Karen Caswell and Puzz Caswell(sister in law and realtor and previous owner of my home) other's could not take off from work but sent support, Richard Gum-MDOT and The Merril's- Teachers. The City Wall refused to hold the meeting at City Hall where all could have attended and have been recorded.  Here is sampling CA's resident intimidation expertise with our tax dollars footing his salary. Scuzz factor off the charts!!

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