1/23/13 Ordinance Targeting/ Erosion Photo-City says "Not Severe" ???

the yellow tape was the stream size summer of 2010. During spring thaw of 2011, turned into thunderous rapids for all the forced diversion by the City onto private property without any easements or right aways. The rapids took all this property with it- lost over 600 feet and it is caving in at every rain... to boot this is DEP wetlands, estimate to restore and stabilize is 45-85k.... SAY WHAT???

I am in the stream on 4/23/12 that had been dry the day before- 2 inches of rainfall in nearly drought dry Belfast put 2 foot of stormwater into the stream.


City seeks to address inner harbor space issues

Belfast — The city is considering options to maximize space within the inner harbor by relocating existing moorings and moored floats, as well as cracking down on non-compliant and abandoned moorings.
City Manager Joseph Slocum told councilors during a Tuesday, Jan. 15, meeting that the increased demand on space in the inner harbor, because of the expansion of Front Street Shipyard and requests by small business owners to expand commercial operations in that area, requires further reorganization to determine how much space is available.
The inner harbor is defined as the area between the city landing and the Armistice Footbridge.
A city ordinance requires moorings be inspected every two years, and a record of the inspection must be filed with the Harbormaster. The ordinance also states that any mooring that is not used 50 percent of the time for three consecutive months is considered abandoned.
Slocum did acknowledge that some owners have had issues with getting their moorings inspected because they were waiting for the inspector to do the work.
Harbormaster Katherine Pickering said eight or nine moorings were pulled in 2012 for non-compliance with the city ordinance...
 Posted by: Laurie Lee Allen | Jan 24, 2013 09:10
Ordinance targeting for City Wall Hall Agenda's? Do you know why in 2009 and 2011 Seaview Terrace took such a beating in the spring thaw flood? Residents told by Joe Slocum- City Manager, Wayne Marshall- City Planner,the Planning Board, and City Council- specifically "Brother Hurley" because of the office higher than theirs (Mother Nature) and endless and hours of tax payers money in hiding the ordinance. They all knew that they were not enforcing the ordinance for all the paths directed to us that destroying Seaview Terrace. It's been 2 years of pure abuse and the City is still refusing accountability and is moving to take TIF money that would build City maintained storm water sewers. You will see in the slide show later today, DEP Tom Gilbert's, CASS investigation that took me 2 years to get. All storm water in that huge fenced in storm water dumping station is to go through the million dollar Miller St improved sewers- via the exit at the center into the rock lined rip rap drainage. I told Tom Gilbert (he would not let me attend investigation) exactly where the unapproved, illegal exit was. At the lower end, where it flows out and meets up with another path from The Muck, under School St and down to Seaview. I told him to look at the Belfast/Hilltop Birches Cass school side. More stormwater from the lower field of CASS also comes to us via those 2 culverts I found. Pictures all on the album of my findings. Tom Gilbert NEVER investigated these area's, the reason for the investigation. Commissioner Aho blows me off, case closed. I don't think so.  To know that the City could not be bothered to enforce the ordinance to remove plowed snow off site, that would have saved properties, cars, flooding in 2009 and played stupid is beyond corrupt. After another heavy snow season in 2010-2011, they still did not enforce ordinance or even admit to having an ordinance. Spring thaw 2011 ripped away 600 ft of my property. Wayne Marshall, smiling as he showed me all the paths coming to Seaview Terrace in 4/2011. I said the City can't do that, I want a copy of that map. Map went missing, denials flying and here begins the assassination of Laurie Allen. At the 5/2011 Annex hearings, Diane Allmyer-Beck reaffirmed with Mike Hogan, Architect, that plowed snow would be removed off site and the exit path of stormwater into the stream was behind 5 Seaview Terrace- it is not, is entering into my private property. From the meeting to construction completion, with many emails from me to be sure that path is NOT being used went unanswered by all. See sidebar at my blog for pictures. They didn't change the path and the review was closed in 6/11- some 4 months prior to even beginning construction
Wayne Marshall tells me, my only option is to go to the Zoning Board of Appeals, first cost to file $250 my pocket. As Ms. Spaulding advised me of her demise in Belfast for Planning's corruptness. She was also advised to go to the Zoning Board of Appeal when Wayne Marshall assured her the water view lot in front of the home on Rte 1 and Old Searsport Ave,  she was buying was an unbuildable lot. She buys and restores a beautiful Abby? Shortly after, Wayne Marshall approves a house to go up on that unbuildable lot, destroying the view and her rights. After 10k in legal fees and community judgement,  they are getting nowhere fast but the attorney's pockets for City and her's are getting fatter and fatter. Broken and disgusted, she puts her dream  up for sale, value much less without the water view.
Here we are again, 2 years of public disgrace and they still don't care. All these sites are stock piling again and the City burying the ordinance and site conditions in Wayne's possession. The constant thread weaving the corruption. Please make the City stop trampling over residents, how much more evidence do you need? You could be next. I am still waiting for a response on this email below. Should be a doozy.

To ward1councilor@cityofbelfast.org, ward2councilor@cityofbelfast.org, ward3councilor@cityofbelfast.org, ward4councilor@cityofbelfast.org, ward5councilor@cityofbelfast.org, mayor@cityofbelfast.org, Jennika Lundy, nmcgrath@cityofbelfast.org, chief@belfastmepd.org
Dear Jennika,

Please advise what the final conditions for snow accumulation/plowing at these sites. It is my understanding from the Planning Board that "plowable" snow must be removed off site.  This link provides pictures and proof that these sites are not removing the snow and will continue to pile and melt to Seaview Terrace in roaring rapid wipe us out style. As happened in 2009 and 2011 and Wayne Marshall claiming mother nature and all kinds of stats in rainfall for 5 years, on and on and on our tax payers clock. While in full knowledge that he made the conditions and has the documents.


After the sites are confirmed that plowable snow is to be removed offsite, I want to know;
1. Who is responsible to enforce code. I would think Todd Rosenberg.

2. Why isn't he enforcing code, year after year knowing Seaview Terrace is at the receiving end of this negligence. Simple drive by is all that is required, just like I did. Clearly visible as you see in the pictures. I copied the Police Chief so he will be aware of illegal plowing even if it isn't with in his purview.

3. I want those sites to remove current and all future piles immediately. I want to know the date that all the present snow will be removed.

4. I want confirmation that at all future snowfall, the snow will be removed simultaneously off site when plowing.

These are the sites to confirm final conditions for plowing snow.

2. Belfast Birches
3. Hilltop Birches
4. VOA
5. Tall Pines
6. MidCoast Mental Health
7. Legore Subdivision- Birch St. Development
8. Town Houses on Cedar St
5. National Guard
6. Youngs Seafood (next door to National Guard)
7. Larrabees (sp?) Plumbing
8. Prays Homes
9. Airport
10. McLeods Trailer Park on Lower Congress
11. Entire Annex Office Site across from WCGH

I also noted snow piling on the corner of Upper Congress and Rte 1 North. Please advise if this is legal or in violation of City Ordinance. I see the City front loading snow into dump trucks throughout town and believe the same applies to that area as it is a major City road inside the bypass.

Please respond with this email and to all recipients to avoid the never ending confusion of smokescreen communications?  from Planning and City Manager.

Laurie Allen
All they had to do was enforce ordinance and at least the spring thaw wouldn't have swept away my property. A heavy rain another fight.
Thought those who lost their moorings could use this. Happy Birthday.

Posted by: Morris L Slugg | Jan 23, 2013 17:56
After Brother Hurley "calms" The Harbor Waters maybe he can find a way to re-use/recycle the attenuator in the Governor's mouth so as not to be wasteful.

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