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RE: Seaview Terrace/Storm Water Diversion
Dear Mr. Marshall,
I have been waiting for your response for accountability of culvert installations and storm water diversion. In the interim (which has been weeks- pertinent emails began on 5/11/11) this is what I have been advised by residents so far;
1. Sump pump assistance to lot’s 13 and 14? I see 2 sump pump drains at the culvert. I have been advised that lot 13 received City assistance in placement of this drain to divert water from their property into mine. It seems this is the case for the other drain I see that is probably coming from lot 14.
As stated in my email from 5/12, City assistance was not given to all residents with flooding in their homes. I am aware of at least 3 residents who spent thousands and thousands of dollars with sump pump drainage. Additional individual resident cost and labor time spent on flooding issues unknown but surely extensive.
2. City approval and possible assistance in culvert and ditch digging diversion to my property.
A. City placed culvert at lot 12 crossing Seaview to drain to my property.
B. City placed culvert at end of resident property lines crossing under Northport Ave.
C. City approved and possible assistance of 2 culverts on lot 8 crossing Seaview unto
Lots 9&7. Use of heavy equipment, backhoe, possibly City owned within past 2
years. Also used to deepen drainage ditches routed to my property.
D. City approved and possible assistance of 1 culvert from lot 4 crossing Seaview and
draining to my property. Dug out ditches are also present on both sides of my
Property. I have been advised that this culvert was placed prior to purchase of lot
4 by the current owner.
3. City approval for the hospital annex to drain and divert storm water into stream.
Current approval for additional storm water drainage due to addition of annex is
pending. Concerns for wetlands in area.
4. Lot 12 has advised of flooding from the culvert at lot 12. Property flooded and
damaged with no compensation from the City.
5. Lot 5 has advised of severe flooding of stream that flowed across lot 5 and into lot 8.
Flooding into basements and property damage.
6. During the construction of the Captain Albert Stevens School, a resident, (Mr. Sanderson?) fought against storm drain towards his property and the City approved diversion to my stream.
7. The Rte 1 bypass has had several changes in the diversion of storm water.
8. I witnessed flooding in the basement of lot 6 in 1/2010. The realtor informed me that it always has water.
9. Flooding in basement of lot 4, severe damages. Resident installation of extensive and expensive drainage system.
10.Severe ongoing erosion and damages from City diverted storm water to my property.
11. The road of Seaview Terrace was constructed by the City.
It is glaringly obvious that there is more than a can of worms here that is opening. I have contacted the DEP. Additionally, I am questioning the precedence set with City assistance to some residents and refusal to others.
In light of the information that I am receiving and lack of information from the City, I am requesting a fact finding open forum/meeting with the City and residents of Seaview Terrace addressing these issues and pertaining issues that are privy to the City and probably unknown to the residents. One month has already passed and I respectfully request immediate action and attention. Please advise.
Laurie Allen
17 Seaview Terrace, Lot 5
: Respond to 6/7/11 Storm water‏

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From:Marina Delune (
Sent:Thu 6/30/11 4:43 PM
Laurie, I don't know how much of this information is available, but I will get back to you next week.
Thank-you for contacting me.
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Sent: Wednesday, June 29, 2011 7:56 PM
Subject: FW: Respond to 6/7/11 Storm water

Dear Marina and Mr. Mayor,

1.Please advise where I can find out who approved and installed the culverts/ditch/swail digging on Seaview Terrace at the following area's;

a. Large Culvert at end of Seaview/Rte 1 and 2 sump drains from lots 13 and 14, Lot 14 drains into culvert, Lot 13 is on other side of culvert draining direct to creek.
b. 2 culverts at lot 8, crossing Seaview into a dug out ditch/swail to creek
c. 1 culvert at lot 4 crossing Seaview into a dug out ditch/swail to creek
d. Ditch/Swail digging between lot 5 and lot 7
e. Culvert at end of Seaview running under Northport Ave.

2.Please advise where I can find out the history that Mike Hogan spoke of in 1989 or 1990 where the floodplains drained into the WCGH site and the DEP approved construction of storm water diversion.

3.Please advise where I can storm water diversions for the Rte 1 bypass approved by the DEP.

4. Please advise how I can obtain the actual map that Mr. Marshall showed me in May 2011, on the wall in the office where at least 6 channels throughout Belfast are diverted to my back yard.

5.Please advise where I can prove to Mr. Marshall that the City put the road in that is Seaview Terrace.

When I receive this information, we can have an educated site visit and a taped meeting at City hall. This information is public and Mr. Marshall seems to be withholding it. Without this information, I am sure you can see how unfair a site visit and meeting would be. Mr. Marshall has stated over and over that the City did not divert storm water, therefore I must know who installed and approved the above diversions.

I do agree with Mr. Marshall that a "joint site visit with City and DEP" is appropriate. I must have this information prior to the meeting. Please, this is so wrong.


Laurie Allen

Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2011 14:35:15 -0400
Subject: Re: Respond to 6/7/11 Storm water

Ms. Allen

We have offered to come out and to meet with you and any other persons who you would like to attend. Our offer stands.

On Wed, Jun 29, 2011 at 1:12 PM, LAURIE ALLEN <> wrote:
Dear Mr. Marshall,

Why won't you address my letter from 6/7/2011 in writing? You have told me that the City, the Council, Mr. Richards, and reiterated agian, is not resposible for any of the stormwater diversions to my back yard. I took the time to give lot numbers and exact locations of culverts and drains directly draining into my backyard, I am only asking you to tell me as the City Planner, who put them there and who approved this? They are clealy visible from the road and do not require me to be present, I saw Marina drive here as well as others.

I am disappointed that you are evading my requests to respond in writing. Please, respond as I have asked over and over and then we can schedule an educated site visit.


Laurie Allen

Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2011 11:50:22 -0400

Subject: Re: FW: Respond to 6/7/11 Storm water
Dear Ms. Allen:

I am disappointed and somewhat confused that you appear to have rejected our invitation for City staff, the Public Works Director and myself, to meet with you and other residents of SeaView Terrace on-site so we can see first-hand what your concerns are regarding stormwater in the SeaView Terrace area. I continue to believe that the best way to examine an issue is for the parties to meet on-site and to discuss the concerns. I note that your June 7th email to me was entitled 'Resident Meeting Request', and in your letter you appeared to request that we meet with you and other residents. We are open to doing such. As such, I ask that you reconsider and that we schedule a site visit at a time that is convenient for you and other residents of SeaView Terrace.

Further, absent a site visit, neither the Public Works Director or I will be responding to the concerns raised in your email of 6/7/11 in writing.

With respect to the DEP, Chris Cabot has not responded to any of the 3 calls I have placed to him, nor has he responded to the 2 telephone calls that Tod Rosenberg, City Code Enforcement Officer has placed to him. Perhaps you may want to contact him directly to determine how he intends to respond to the concern you raised to him. As I have noted to you in past emails, I suggested a joint site visit with City and the DEP with you so everyone is looking at the same concern at the same time.

I also have sent a copy of this email to Councilor DeLune because she requested the opportunity to be present at the site visit if one is scheduled.

On Mon, Jun 27, 2011 at 2:30 PM, LAURIE ALLEN <> wrote:
Dear Mr. Marhsall,

I received you email that is ignoring this request. This is what I want answers to, a meeting would not accomplish anything without the DEP and answers to these questions. I will foward your email to Ms. Delune to keep things clear. As stated, please answer by 6/29.


Laurie Allen

Subject: Respond to 6/7/11 Storm water
Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2011 10:05:53 -0400

Dear Mr. Marshall,

Per the letter I sent dated 6/7/11, please address in writing how #'s 1,2,3,6, and 11 are not City involvement in diverting City Storm water to my backyard. Are you telling me that all these drainage diversions were placed here illegally, unknown to the City, City Planner, no permits, someone just decided to go and dig up the road, put in culverts, drain pipes, etc.?

You also advised me that the City did not put the road in or the culverts, yet I have information it was the City. To substantiate recent City involvement, within the past 2 years, further drainage was put in at The Hands residence, requiring digging of the road to put in those 2 culverts and deeping of ditch leading to my backyard.
Most of the residents on Seaview Terrace witnessed all the heavy equipment and digging.

I reiterate- please address #1,2,3,6, and 11 stating how approved and who did the work. I am requesting response in factual writing. Receipt of these answers are requested by Tuesday, 6/29/11. This is reasonable considering my letter was sent to you over 3 weeks ago without specific response to specific issues I listed. My first meeting with you regarding the stormwater was on 5/5/2011.


Laurie Allen

Wayne Marshall
City Planner
City of Belfast
131 Church St
Belfast, ME 04915
207-338-1417 x 25 (phone)
207-338-1605 (fax)

Wayne Marshall
City Planner
City of Belfast
131 Church St
Belfast, ME 04915
207-338-1417 x 25 (phone)
207-338-1605 (fax)

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