Summary Joe Slocum, City Manager/Conductor in this Shameful Disgrace to Bully this Resident into SUBMISSION FROM CITY COVER UP AT THE HANDS OF WAYNE MARSHALL (City Planner) JOE SLOCUM (City Manager) Marina Delune (My Ward Council) and All of Council and City Attorney Bill Kelly

What I painfully was able to uncover was from 5/2010 when I first began asking Wayne Marshall for the full development history and storm water channels draining into Seaview Terrace;

1. 5/2010- Wayne Marshall removed and hid storm water maps he personally showed me that drained illegally into Seaview Terrace and publicly lied saying that map never existed. Wayne with held the original 1965 plans showing the stream was moved and would be under my house. I have consistently told them (Planner, Manager, Council) from the start that this stream is not natural, it has been at minimum man trenched- boulders are piled on opposing side and banks are caving loose soil- 600 ft of my property swept away in the spring thaw of 2010 from snow piles from miles around including the plowing of RTE 1 North and South, 1 mile of surface and polluted plowing to drain to Seaview. Wayne withheld the City Hired 1987 Engineer report for MY RESIDENCE when the owner, Dr. Caswell began holding the City responsible for the beginning of flooding Seaview Terrace (prior 20 years were dry and protected in this flood zone) This report did not surface until the City Attorney, Bill Kelly brought it out and used it as his "significantly influenced" decision that the City is not flooding us. That report was 25 years ago, notifying the City that the sprawl then was flooding us, the City refused to look outside of Seaview Terrace for cause. Instead, they continued to approve permits to build and plans to direct storm water to the private property of Seaview Terrace. All of the buildings, Captain Albert Stevens School, The old Robertson School (Sweetser), The Birches, Low Income Housing-Volunteers of America, Tall Pines Nursing Home, Mid Coast Mental Health, The name a few on the North Side of Rte 1 (the South Side is another nightmare of force diversion because topography would not allow) approved through the 90's till present day to drain into Seaview Terrace. There are City maintained storm water culverts at the Rte 1 by pass, put City drainage along side Rte 1N & Rte 1S,
Wight St is direct run to the City Park Storm Water Channel into the bay. This would alleviate all the run off from Birches, Sweetster, Capt. Albert Stevens School and where ever else Wayne is snaking it to us. I asked Mayor Ash in 8/2011 why the City didn't put sewers under or roadside- he said because it would take out the road... HE SAID THIS AS HE WAS LOOKING AT MY LOSS OF 600FT THAT IT TOOK OUT AND THEY DON'T CARE...BUILD ANOTHER WALKING TRAIL!!

2. Wayne refused to provide me with any documents and was forcing me to meet verbally with him and Bob Richards (DPW). Seaview Terrace residents were denied a public agenda and force to a Street meeting during business hours, documents with held, totally disorganized, an absolute sham and waste of residents time, many had to take off from work in 8/2011. Nothing was resolved and Wayne and Bob stood at the top of Seaview Terrace and together said the City was not responsible and would not help. I told them that Joe Slocum said that Seaview Terrace road was in bad shape and they over rode Slocum. No help.

3. Joe Slocum- orchestrating from behind the curtain, was forced to my home in 8/2011. He reminds me of the show Columbo, playing the part, calculating each deception to this battered, exhausted Mom. Wanting to believe that finally the City Manager will step up in the face of all this proof. Wrong, he continues with the denial, 100 year old natural stream, natural runoff, City did not do private property work 2 houses up in 2009 to drain into stream for opposing neighbors and Huntress Gardens and across Rte 1, refuses to provide documents and will charge me huge fees if I try to get them ( how do I even know what more they are with holding, surely it would blow the doors of City Hall). Read his summation and trying to make me look neurotic at the hands of their inflicted abusive cover up.

4. 6/2011- Diane Allmayer Beck, Planning Board approves new site Annex Storm water in my presence at the site meeting to drain into the stream at 5 and 11 Seaview (I don't think this is legal either, but cannot fight them without documents) Wayne Marshall and Mike Hogan (architect) ignore Site approvals and set up their own storm water plans to drain to me and hide it and refuse to answer directly. My only course now per Wayne is to file with the Zoning Board beginning at $250. Another resident contacted me and told me of similar dealings with Wayne. Her attorney said what he did was illegal but after $10,000 in legal fees, hardly into it, she had to stop, could not afford it any longer. She has put her house up for sale and has felt diminished in the community. She is so devastated and has been very kind.

5. Right now, abutting residents of this massively costly City forced building of a rail trail for a few to walk on, are being forced to take 4k each for foot traffic, to protect the City from resident's suing. No concrete plans are being offered, a panel full of nervous Council faces saying residents want this and it will happen regardless of the cost and you won't stop it (paraphrased by me) Phew- a year later, Maine Coastal Trust is stepping up to fund raise for for Rail Trail .

6. Almost every meeting, Wayne is citing shortfalls in planning, cost estimates agreed on are useless, projects are already underway and cannot be abandoned- this is his way, you can see it over and over. Smirking and knowing.

7.Try to find the truth...forget it, he's in control, Slocum too, Council awards and gives them a raise. Try to speak up, watch your back, front and side, be upstanding and have a clean history, nothing is below them in trying to discredit you.

8. Wayne specifically cited local storm water ordinance to Mike Hurley in the 11/1/11 public televised and taped City Council Meeting that it directs people to send storm water runoff to the nearest PUBLIC waterway- streams. HE REFUSES TO SHOW ME THAT SPECIFIC ORDINANCE WHICH PROBABLY DOES NOT EXIST, IS A "WAYNES RULE" AND IF IT DOES, IS NOT APPLICABLE TO SEAVIEW TERRACE BECAUSE IT IS PRIVATE PROPERTY.

9. See Heading Supporting emails of corruption.

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