LINKS TO SOME Council(need to add) VIDEO/MY EROSION/MY SPEAKING @ COUNCIL MEETINGS/HURLEY SLANDERS ME /VIDEO LINKS You Tube Video Erosion of my stream taken 8/2011

 11/1/11 First Meeting After 7 months of Lies/Withholding Public Documents/Tossing Me Around like a Pack of Cigarettes...sucking the life out of me 11/1/11 City Hall Meeting- fast forward 20minutes, 44 seconds, hard to hit that though, seems to jump from 20minutes to after my speech is done. May have to begin listening at 19 minutes, but don't ff- it will skip to end again. You can back it up too.  I give almost 15 minutes of choking testimony. After my wrenching public plea to stop flooding us 52 minutes into meeting City Manager Joe Slocum tries to deflect from missing map and discredit me, that was only the beginning of the missing documents that Wayne must have hid when you hear him give the history of the development56 minutes into meeting. When questioned by Council, Mike Hurley as to what is Belfast's Storm Water Ordinance, Wayne Marshall, City Planner and torturer of my life, states it directs to send storm water to nearest PUBLIC waterway- streams. I have requested this ordinance since and he fails to produce it... he must be lying and Seaview Terrace is NOT a public waterway, the City has no right aways or easements...THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!!Then Mike Hurley says this storm water flooding is Council's problem but then they vote to take no action  in the 1/3/12 Meeting where they brought in the City Attorney who had more public documents with held from me specific to my property. When I tried to question him he ran away and Council closed the discussion.

 ttp:// 12/6/11 City Hall Meeting- I speak publicly ff 25 in- 4th person up. I let it rip with truth and maps. After 8 months of avoidance, corruption and lies, the public must know that Council IS KNOWINGLY  FLOODING THE CITY ENDANGERED FLOOD ZONE OF SEAVIEW TERRACE AND TAKING OUR TAX DOLLARS AND BUYING RECREATIONAL PARCELS FOR MILLIONS AND WILL COST MILLIONS TO DEVELOP...SEAVIEW TERRACE PROPERTY IS WORTHLESS BECAUSE OF CITY OFFICIALS.Verbal Planning approvals with residents present are a sham. What the Planning Board approves and what the Planning Manager, Wayne Marshall DOES are night and day. Impossible for the resident to get accountability and resolved. See the header with Diane Allmeyer Beck vs. Wayne Marshall.

 Later at the end of the meeting, long after I'm gone, Council member Mike Hurley slanders me with confidence and ease. Here is his rant against me
quote as closely as possible, Mike Hurley’s public rant against me at the 12/6/11 City Council meeting
Slander is the oral communication of false statements that are harmful to a person's reputation. If the statements are proven to be true, it is a complete defense to a charge of slander. Oral opinions that don't contain statements of fact don't constitute slander. Slander is an act of communication that causes someone to be shamed, ridiculed, held in contempt, lowered in the estimation of the community, or to lose employment status or earnings or otherwise suffer a damaged reputation. Slander is a subcategory of defamation.
 “I want to respond during the discussion about water. I came to the entire subject early on when we stated getting copied here on everything, with a pretty open mind about it, well, is there a problem here? What’s the problem? I think that’s what we do here quite often is hey what’s the problem and try to fix it and if there is something we can do. I want to say I had an open mind to it but having had the avalanche of emails that we received and what we heard tonight again, I just want to say that, ya know, if anybody thinks the way to solve a problem is to insult people with things like, Wayne’s World, Ignorant, Dysfunctional, Shot to Hell, Deceiving, Corruption, Lies, Cover Ups, Bullied, I want to add one word…RIDICULOUS. I’ve worked with all these guys and I’ve been on the wrong side of government in the past and I’ve been on the wrong side of government while I’ve been in government. And ya know, it’s just ridiculous to listen to this stuff. I would not object to putting this on the agenda for us to talk about what we should do about this if anything. But, you know, to listen to these to these kind of character assassinations pf people who could really be bothered to do these things to this woman, I’m really sorry, nobody has any interest in doing any of these kinds of things that she keeps proclaiming and you know it’s unfortunate she takes it completely publicly and tonight even, I kept waiting for her, what’s the problem (out of quote for me to say, I clearly stated in the beginning what the problem, what I wanted done, and backed it up with facts for the ?? Time) How would we address the problem. I THINK SHE’S MORE INTERESTED IN FIGHTING, but I’m willing to talk about it and look at it and maybe, ya know, there’s something we can do, I don’t know. But anyway, I FEEL LIKE WAYNE AND JOE, IN PARTICULAR HAVE BEEN AN ABSOLUTE PINATA AND I APPRECIATE THEM BEING RESTRAINED. I am sure, I can tell from everything that the landowner is absolutely feels put upon by the water that runs in the stream in through her yard. I think, maybe there’s a way to solve this but constantly insulting the people you’re trying to talk with, at least it’s never worked for me at home.”

*** 1/3/12 City Hall Meeting- Seaview Terrace 1rst on agenda (I also speak publicly ff about 15 minutes in- 3rd person up. Council remains silent and hires City Attorney, Bill Kelly with our tax dollars to try and deflect the forced flooding. KELLY REVEALS YET ANOTHER PUBLIC DOCUMENT OF FLOODING ON SEAVIEW PURPOSELY WITHHELD FROM ME.(Who knows what else they hide? Impossible to know, I have been intimidated and refused information on my property for 10 months and counting. ) A 1987 City hired engineer report that...SURPRISE- does not hold the City accountable for flooding. In fact, even with residents complaints of flooding in 1987, begins the City Planning approvals for Capt Albert Stevens School, Volunteers of America, Tall Pines, MidCoast Mental Health to build, eliminating ground absorption, accumulating storm water in huge dug out pools and channel down to private property, Seaview Terrace. Clobber us further by taking the storm water across Rte 1 from the Armory, National Guard, down to Pray's Homes along the side, back towards the trailer park, meandering and to accumulate more stormwater from who knows how far back and back across Rte 1, culvert forced directly into Seaview Terrace.

*** 2/7/12 City Hall Meeting- ff 19:50-34:37 I'm whistleblowing with what I have so far. Much more in the future.  The WCGH ANNEX is illegally draining into my property. It was approved to drain into stream 2 lots down almost at NorThport Ave. Wayne Marshall responds in an email with a green drain pipe which hasn't any relevance. Emails for investiagation ignored. I state where my council called me in as a threat to the Chief of Police. I cover more corruption, with held files, etc. I ask for the public to tell me when Pickerings culverts when in under Wight St. Assistance for local ordinance over riding state law in regards to noise level, accumulating and sending storm water from one residence to another, New site construction state law for runoff- which is the 2012 Annex. At 31:00 minutes Slocum jumps in- can't give answers on breaking law, goes into a song and dance on the mess of documents- all over- YES JOE- ANOTHER SMOKESCREEN. 4 YEARS AGO WHEN YOU SAW THIS YOU ALLOWED IT. WAYNE MARSHALL STOPPED RECORDING IN THE PUBLIC REGISTRY AND THOSE ALREADY IN THE REGISTRY WENT MISSING. YOU, JOE SLOCUM, REFUSING TO LAUNCH AN INVESTIGATION AND REPLACE MISSING PUBLIC DOCUMENTS- NOT FROM 100 YEARS AGO!! THEY ARE NOT MISSING THEY ARE HIDDEN FROM THE RESIDENTS THAT HAVE A CLAIM AGAINST THE CITY. You, Joe Slocum should have ordered Wayne to record ALL his plans back into the public registry. I announce that I am in danger because of Hurley, Slocum, Marshall slander, discrediting, character assassination, bullying, etc. to me. After all this revelation, my council Marina is only concerned that Council Mike Hurley is offended. She goes into details that Mike thought wire netting to stop my fence from falling into the rapids was so helpful (this advice was never offered to me- because it is not any resolution!) Then she goes on to basically say that it is an honor to be insulted and abused by Council Mike Hurley, to which Council laughs approvingly- most noted in Nancy Hamilton. I try to debate with Joe Slocum but Mayor Ash cuts me off, Spanky banging the gavel. I tell them I would love an open forum, I never get to have a public discussion with them. Slocum tells me I can come to a private meeting with him. No- I need the public to hear. Mayor Ash tells me a member of Council will go with me. No, residents need an independent committee to intervene.

4/16/12 City Council Video ff exactly 20:45 minutes in I speak for 2 minutes of documented corruption and inflicted ignorance. Police presence ordered again, by Council/Manager to intimidate me? I tell them that the new annex building is illegally draining into my property. Because of my concerns of runoff from the proposed annex addition, a site visit was ordered. Diane Allmyer Beck made sure to stand at the point of annex runoff entering into stream, behind 5 and 11 Seaview Terrace (any runoff is illegal because I have proved it is not a natural outlet but is a manmade drainage ditch.  8 months later, construction is complete and it is draining to my property and no one will speak or investigate. I am advised to give $250 to file an appeal with the Zoning Board of Appeals from City Planner Wayne Marshall.
‎5/1/12 City Council Meeting Video  forward exactly 22:20 (minutes/sec) I speak quickly to avoid "jail" a nice looking police man is standing by, this is not normal. I did not realize he was there for me, and he was visibly shocked when I offered him a friendly, loud hello. My neighbor 2 houses up and across speaks for 7 minutes. He never told me he would be taking my private conversation with him to City Hall- which is fine by me. What he doesn't say is that when I tried to tell him corruption details, including storm water draining that he is doing with City help (since 2009) is illegal and eroding my property- he threw his hands up and walked away. He did not want to see the maps that show all the storm water illegally being forced to Seaview Terrace private property either. I too want peace and to enjoy the many good aspects of Belfast. Our properties are worthless because of City Corruption and Negligence (headers have new info)See More

Watch in this meeting as Wayne costs the City more in misplanning stormwater at the Front Street Shipyard. My Councilwoman, Marina Delune (who reported me as a threat to the Chief of Police) who constantly said she knows nothing of storm water, can't demand maps from Wayne on my behalf, believes in Joe Slocum and Wayne Marshall, doesn't believe me, doesn't think I've been bullied, was unfortunaltely a deterrent for me for 8 months of wasted time and emotion, advises me at the end of these 8 months to pray and meditate... Marina immediately approves this immense storm water mishap improvement without even knowing the cost, Joe Slocum adds in that it is "necessary" and Wayne adds "in the future".  STOP THEM STOP THEM STOP THEM!! THEY ARE FLYING THROUGH APPROVALS AND OUR TAX DOLLARS  IN FEAR OF RESIDENTS REVOLTING!!!!!!!!!! Rail trail, recreational purchase of 2 dams and property (25k already blown on a useless consultation per Marina for this property) No money for schools, resident infrastructure, homeless, children educational assitance.... just keep blowing it on recreational, window dressing, personal agenda's and business attractions...disgrace and greed
Over the summer, I go to a few more meetings, asking to Stop Flooding Seaview and to include storm water sewers to save Seaview in the budget meetings. Brownville, Maine is catastrophic after a 6 inch rain, no Federal Funding, town must pay with tax dollars. Every inch of rain is 1 foot of water to the private property of Seaview Terrace, 6 inches=6 feet of pounding, rapid-like water tearing through Seaview Terrace. Death of people and pets are true threats.

Click on the picture ff10:43 I have 3 minutes to expose corruption. I state removing of ALL stormwater documents from the CASS (Capt Albert Stevens School) files. Wayne Marshall, City Planner, thought I was done with them. He didn't count on me coming back the next day when he and his posse were not in the office. Admin. Asst. Marie Stalworth gave me the files and volumes of storm water documents were in there. Mike Morse-DEP, WBRC ENG. Reports, Paul LaTrelle- SAD34, Army Corp, Abutters letters- Mr. Sanderson's -where I specifically asked Wayne the day before to see these commumications, too many to list. This site was a swamp- imagine the documents, plans, etc for drainage, runoff to come to the watershed residents. School went up and I have proved corruption of site condition compliance by the City and DEP-Commissioner Aho closes case- and Belfast takes the 5th. I state requests at least 12 times for Final Approved Site Plans of the sites that are contributing to the destruction of Seaview Terrace via this fictional "stream". 

I hold the certified/registered receipt to Joe Slocum, per MFOIA, for the plans and to implement study for runoff impact to the water shed residents. No response-no action. Officials ignore and continue to batter residents, robbing tax dollars for businesses, flooding those without clout, costing thousands to moderate to low incomes in sump pumps and tens of thousands in real estate devaluing while pushing for more business and window dressing. 

My request for Seaview Terrace to be included in the Northport Ave TIF District via adding WCGH (annex addition 2011 and new additions currently underway) could build City Storm Water Sewers and stop illegally destroying the private property, endangered flood zone/plain of Seaview Terrace for enormous amounts of forced City Storm Water as a free sewer is logical and necessary. They have turned this into a personal ego issue (see Eric Sanders bristling and Mayor Ash timing me to the second) to deflect from the true danger forced on Seaview Terrace. A TIF District agenda brought me to this meeting to stop them from stealing funds for downtown projects. An informant had advised that City Storm Sewer near the bypass on Northport Ave has been broken for many, many years, adding to the flooding of residents. Please, please, fix it, save our homes and lives.

No comment from the peanut gallery only Mayor Ash to interrupt me to advise I have 30 seconds left. 
 Current TIF districts in Belfast:
Northport Avenue (est. 2005)
The Rationale: Belfast-based window manufacturer Mathews Brothers wanted to expand [relocate?] on Perkins Road where there was no city water or sewer. The city created the TIF on the calculation that the increased value would be enough to make annual payments on a 20-year bond to extend to pay for the work, while extending the utilities to an area that includes residences.
The Wild Card: The new Coastal Farms Food Processing Facility, which opened in August falls within the Northport Avenue TIF district, which was established specificallly for the sewer expansion, which is covered by taxes on the Mathews Bros. property. Whatever money is added to the TIF fund by Coastal Farms would be extra, Marshall said, but coud be diverted to a different TIF district, like the Downtown Waterfront district. Marshall, the property is not expected to be assessed until April, so the amount of TIF revenue is unknown.

10/2/12- City Council TIF Tax could save Seaview Terrace 10 minutes in I ask for Seaview Terrace to be included in Northport Ave TIF District by including WCGH and recent improvements. I ask Joe Slocum for the 12th time for his written inspection that the 8 Final Approved Site Plans are true and ready for viewing. I ask him to implement the stormwater analysis where the City secured 5k from SAD34 in 2005 for impact to watershed residents from the Captain Albert Stevens School. Note that the Robertson School was planned for demolition in staging plans and was not. Wayne Marshall holds the final approved plans for the CASS and will not provide them to me. No discussions on my requests even as they go into detail of the TIF. In fact, my Council, Marina Delune is pushing to take Northport Ave TIF funding and give it to downtown projects! How does this woman sleep?

11/7/12 City Council Meeting . ff 40 minutes and watch for 20 minutes and 22 seconds as Planning/Zoning try to steamroll a longtime resident becoming the next victim of Plannings Failings with flooding resolution to push it to another resident. Dr. Morrow was quick to spend for experts to protect her basic rights. Mayor Ash references my fight saying it should never have happened...Council is nervous and must clean house of the corrupt.
2/5/13 City Corruption Meeting 2/5/13 City Corruption Meeting 

I'm up in 2minutes 30 seconds. I am limited to 3 minutes and they hold me to it like no others. I try to cram in 2 years of corruption. They never respond, never accountable. I've been to meeting after meeting and will keep going.

7/16/13 City Council Meeting ff 24.30 I stick to them breaking the law and @ 29:44 I request City Manager Joe Slocum, City Planner Wayne Marshall, City Attorney Bill Kelly, Code Officer Todd Rosenberg to be fired and for Council and the Mayor to step down because they are "equally corrupt".

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