8/2011 Begging Mayor/Council/Help/Resolutions

Sent: Monday, August 15, 2011 11:03 AM
Subject: Flood Zone Maps Gone

Dear Marina and Mayor Ash,

I went down to City Hall to get the map that Mr. Slocum left for me. He assured me that he knew exactly which map I wanted. I thoroughly explained the flood zone map that was 1 of several flood zone maps on the wall that Mr. Marshall showed me. He traced the visible channels where the City was diverting stormwater to Seaview Terrace. Many were on the other side of Rte 1. He began to show me one map and the wall and than said this one showed the channels better. I have requested a copy of that map since May and from Mr. Marshall over and over, and after months, was sent the general flood zone map, which is the same map that Mr. Slocum left for me.

I went up to City Planner office with Jennika, and sure enough, the maps have been replaced. There were maps on a hanger that I requested to see. Todd would not let me see them and said he was instructed not to help me.

I am advising the City Council to come and see the "ravine" that was once a 2-3ft wide stream. Mr. Slocum's inspection in email is clearly and visibly a bullying tactic. He and Mr. Marshall have gone too far. This can be resolved and repaired by the City. The City storm water that is being diverted through that culvert on the top of Seaview must be rerouted to City maintained ditches. The ravine can be restored properly and quickly with the City's heavy equipment. Another would be to authorize the construction outfit that will begin the extension of the annex. Mike Hogan said construction would begin towards the end of August. They could come right through the woods that are part of the Mental Health and dump all eh DEP required materials to shore up and replace lost land properly. The Mental Health should authorize access because of severe erosion on their side as well, especially exposing the root system of a huge tree that will fall into my yard.

Please have all members come and maybe even the City Planning Board before I am forced to take drastic measures that will hurt the reputation of the City of Belfast. I do not want to hurt anyone or all the hard work so many have done in promoting and improving Belfast. I want to be active in the community and want to move past this gross treatment. This will be resolved privately or publicly.
I have cleared away the brush so that you can easily walk through and easily see the destruction. When I showed each of you the stream, you were not able to come down into the stream and growth was not allowing for you to get a good visual of all the erosion. It's clear and alarming. The contour from a year ago will show how it went from the 2-3 ft across, 1-2 ft high, to 8-12 ft across, 4 foot high...all ground continually crumbling in.

These maps are public record and I was denied access by Todd in front of Jennika and another woman working at her desk. What are you going to do about this?

Please advise within 24 hours;
1. If anyone will be visiting.
2. The status of the map.
3. Confirm that this meeting that Mr. Slocum said may be around the 24th is slated on the agenda and mailed to residents. Mr. Slocum was given this request by me but is not advising. I do see a City Planning meeting is scheduled on the website.



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